Brand Spotlight: Remind Insoles


Street Kingpins is excited to welcome Remind Insoles to the Rewards Shop.  Remind Insoles is rooted in skateboarding with a purpose of giving skaters the ability to live pain free from the ground up with a supportive foundation.  Designed and skated in by some of the best skateboarders in the world. Now you have the opportunity to earn a free pair of Remind Insoles on the app. Share your skateboard story on Street Kingpins and you could be rolling around in a fresh pair of Remind Insoles.  


No more heel bruise. State of the art Shock Absorption smart foam will keep you stomping stair sets all year. Those stinky feet don’t stand a chance against the antimicrobial, moisture wicking technology that will keep your shoes fresh.  Remind Insoles are known to outlast multiple pairs of shoes and the graphics will make you laugh every time you put your shoes on.  Street Kingpins got to catch up with Remind Insoles founder John Makens and see what it is like to walk a mile in his shoes.

John, our feet thank you for creating the world’s best insole for skateboarders.

"Haha, well I have to thank everyone that has made Remind Insoles possible. All the skaters and snowboarders out there rocking our insoles every day. The people that have supported Remind Insoles through the years. I have had the privilege of working with great people that have helped design graphics, develop and test products. That has formed Remind Insoles into what it is today."

Where are you from and where did Remind Insoles all begin?

"I am originally from the Twin Cities Minnesota. I grew up in the days of Fobia Skate shop as a rider and employee. The idea for Remind was inspired from needing a solution for riding all day long and not feeling like you got thrown down a flight of stairs."

"I’ve been skating and snowboarding for almost 30 years now and about 10 years ago I noticed a large void in this area. I’ve alway been one to replace the stock 10 cent insole in my shoes or boots to save my back. I started playing around with many different concepts and products. I found something that worked better than the rest and gave the insoles out to all my shred buddies and the response was nothing but positive feedback. So things just kinda naturally escalated from there."

"Orthotics have been around for many years but I felt like we need something that catered to skateboarders and snowboarders. There wasn’t a company around that sold in the mom and pop skate shops anywhere. It all just came together and all the signs pointed to yes."

You have an amazing pro team.  How did you get the team together?

"All the team guys are friends of mine I met along the way and are all amazing Humans. I am very grateful to have all their support.


Advice to any skater trying to get sponsored?

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.09.13 PM.png

Just keep

focusing on


The Sponsors will

come when the

time is right. ".

- John Makens

What is your favorite part about working in the industry?

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 12.55.37 PM.png

Being surrounded
by all the
BEST people. 

-John Makens

Do you have a memorable story about creating Remind Insoles?

"I got the pleasure to work with Jim Phillips on creating the logo for Remind. It was pretty surreal to be working with one of my greatest idols on a graphic and we are still friends to this day."

What has been the biggest challenge Remind Insoles has faced / overcome?

"Just keeping up with all the craziness and what is going on with print dying and social media coming into play. Things are constantly changing and it's hard to stay on top of it at times. I like Street-Kingpins social media because it is designed for skateboarders, and there is a cool core skate community on there. It gives social media a new standard. It’s just an ever changing market but we stay focused on our core beliefs, to make amazing insoles and keep having fun."

What is your favorite insole? Why?

"I like them all! Haha...  I put The Destin in my skate shoes...  The Cush In my everyday shoes...  and The Medic in my Snow boots. They all have different characteristics for different needs so it just depends what kind of support you are looking for in each application."


Remind Insoles has some of the best graphics ever, how are they inspired?

"Thanks guys...  Yea that is my favorite part is working on the art ideas with the artists and the team dudes to come up with something that everyone is stoked on."

Where can we find Remind Insoles?

"Ask your local shop or find us at

If you have enough Street Credit you can score some new Remind Insoles on Street Kingpins as well."


Remind Insoles are NOW AVAILABLE in the Street Kingpins Rewards Shop.  So go start getting after it right now, the GAME IS ON...