How to MAXIMIZE your Street Credit?

Quick tip guide:

Want to earn more FREE SKATE SUPPLIES on Street Kingpins?  Ever wondered how to earn more STREET CREDIT? It is easier than you may think! 

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Street Kingpins was created to make sponsorship as easy and accessible as possible!  No longer does it matter ‘who you know’ or ‘where you live’.  Getting FREE SKATE SUPPLIES from Street Kingpins is easy, fun and requires you to just skate and share!

After several requests from our community about how to earn more Street Credit; we put together this quick tip guide to help you MAXIMIZE your Street Credit!


Tip #1

Invite your friends to join Street Kingpins!

  • Every user that subscribes to you earns you Bonus Street Credit

  • The more subscribers that you have on Street Kingpins; the more upvotes, props and media-views you will get

  • The more total members of Street Kingpins there are;  the more Street Credit will be earned throughout the app


Tip #2

Upload photos and videos, old or new, the more you have, the more you Earn!

  • The more videos and photos that you upload to Street Kingpins; the more Street Credit that you will earn

  • More videos and photos means more total upvotes, props and media-views


Tip #3

Skate at as many different locations as possible

  • Creating new spots on Street Kingpins earns bonus Street Credit

  • Becoming the Kingpin of a skatepark or skate-spot earns more bonus Street Credit

  • Becoming the Kingpin of your region, state, province or country earns the most BONUS Street Credit

Most importantly, keep skating as much as possible and keep having FUN!  Upload as much media, to as many locations as you can, and SHARE Street Kingpins with everyone you know.  These are just a few quick-tips on how to maximize the amount of Street Credit that you earn on Street Kingpins.  So go out and skate with your friends, earn MORE Street Credit, and get...