Brand Spotlight: JammyPack


JammyPack is here to, “Let There Be Music.”

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“Music makes the world go round. Those who relate, share this passion and find commonality. At the same time, music provides the opportunity to easily define, individualize, and differentiate ones self. With the inception of the first JammyPack, we enabled the world to “Let There Be Music.” We didn’t setout to change the way people listen to music...we setout to enable them to take it to places never before possible. This company has since grown beyond music and apparel accessory. JammyPack is an embodiment of the soul, individualizing AND connecting.”

We are here jammin’ with the founder of JammyPack and Vesica smart luggage, Alex Gobel. Alex, thanks for bringing the music! Tell us a little about JammyPack.

We launched JammyPack 10 years ago, out of the necessity of having portable music that is easily accessible on the move.

When we were first launching, we were launching up against these other major music industry brands. So we focused on doing our own thing. Our biggest thing is producing products that don’t necessarily have to be carried around. Instead of it being a musical piece of furniture, it becomes part of your lifestyle. That was part of the whole brand ethos; make music available on the move that didn’t have to be used in the headphones.

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Inspired to jam on the move. To be able to wear your music is everything! How did music inspire you as an individual?  

Music has always been a major part of my life. Whether that was listening to punk rock growing up, to EDM, back to Rock n’ Roll. Everything I do, I enjoy pairing life with music.

What is your favorite genre of music?

I would call it Psych Rock! Haha!! So like the Allah-Las or the Casaideas. It’s like Rock n’ Roll with more of a trippy vibe.

There is a lot of symbology between music and skateboarding. I discovered a lot of my favorite jams through old-school skate videos. How has skateboarding influenced your life?

Dude skateboarding was a big part of my life growing up. I did it before I discovered snowboarding. I was never really that good at skateboarding. These days I have fallen out of the day to day skate but the lifestyle is engraved into my body, mind and soul. Whether you’re skating, surfing or snowboarding or playing music it all correlates the same with this expression of yourself. Also having this interest of maybe non team sports activities. Taking yourself to the limits, putting yourself up to situations that get your heart pumping and adrenaline flowing.

What Skateboarders have influenced you?

Every skateboarder out there pushing it inspires me. I am grateful for those good times and great skate sessions I have had with some of these guys. There are a few incredible skateboarders, and so many amazing people that have supported JammyPack over the years. A few pro skaters we have been stoked on are TJ Rodgers, Joey Brezinski, Nick Palmquist, Greg Lutzka. We actually produced a colab JammyPack with Greg’s line Good Livin’ Worldwide. Yeah there are so many good skaters out there. Kevin Romar and Kyle Eggan skating and representing with us this summer. Really anyone out there jamming!

Alex grew up as an aspiring professional snowboarder. He was the guy always out influencing the scene, holding the camera, stacking shots, making it happen. Tell us about your past experience with video production.

Yeah, when you’re growing up you always have people you are looking up to. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. As you look up to them you try to figure out how you fit into that category, or that genre. So growing up, we were heavily influenced by skateboarding and snowboarding videos. It was one of those things, you got the camera, you filmed yourself and we just started producing our own little projects. Videography will always be a big passion of mine as well.

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We would love to see one of your old edits!

I’m sure they’re all terrible haha.

So Alex, what is playing on your JammyPack when you are out jammin’?

I was just listening to Talking Heads when I was cruising. If I’m listening to the old school punk rock it’s The Clash, TSOL, Misfits. I also enjoy mixtapes, I have been doing this summer beach vibe mixtape. One of my favorites is D.J Monos, he is always bumping on the JammyPack.

What types of other hobbies do you do?

Well I like about anything with wheels on it. In the past I have been heavily involved with fabrications and mechanics of any kind. Lately I have been painting a lot. I have been really enjoying doing paintings. I also got back into my photography pretty heavily.

What is in the mix for JammyPack?

We are going to continue doing what we have done. As we grew our line our stable products have been our biggest movers. So we are going to just continue to focus on producing quality products with some new graphics. Some exciting new things are definitely in store this year. Our new devices will be able to pair up with each other. So you could hook up 10+ JammyPack products to the same music feed.

That’s awesome! We are looking forward to it. Alex, thanks for taking a moment with us and thank you for providing sponsored rewards for skateboarders on the Street Kingpins skate app.

Absolutely, Thank you guys!

You can now earn SPONSORED REWARDS from JammyPack on the Street Kingpins skate app. Just stack up your Street Credit and cash it in for some fresh new JammyPack’s. Let There Be Music everywhere you skate!



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