Brand Spotlight: Stay Luzid

Make a change, be the change. A company spawned from true people representing their lifestyle. Stay Luzid represents being yourself, being unique, and staying lucid and awakened to your surroundings. Offering hand painted custom design apparel to fit the unique lifestyles we live. Come take a closer look at Stay Luzid with the founder, Shantelle Diaz.

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Hey Shantelle! What’s going on? So, where you are from and what got you into skateboarding?

I call Colorado my home now, I have been here for about 12 years. As a kid, my family moved around a lot. I started getting into the skate scene when I first moved to Illinois. I was around 11 or 12 when I started skateboarding. A mutual friend of ours actually, Spencer Day, was the one that originally got me into skating. I fell in love with it. I always thought it was really cool how you can have your own style with each trick that you do and can represent yourself through a skateboard. Once I moved to Colorado, I didn’t have any friends that skated so I kind of lost interest in it. I fell out of skateboarding on the regular for a few years because there just wasn’t the right crew skating in my scene at the time. Then just over a year ago I reunited with the old skate crew and fell in love with it again. I guess I rediscovered skating. Which has made skateboarding even more special to me.

Which brings you to us today! We actually met Spencer a little over a year ago skating Arvada. Street Kingpins helped sponsor a contest at the G&P Skatepark and Spencer put together a cool edit of the event for Street-Kingpins and Swankey Skateboards.

Yeah Spencer is a great at photography/videography and graphic design. I love his art.

I love the brand name Stay Luzid. To be self aware and conscious of your surroundings. What does Stay Luzid mean to you?

Well, when I was 20 I decided that I wanted to make a clothing line. I remember, I was speaking with a close friend at the time, and she was explaining to me about lucid dreaming. That was actually the first time I had heard of lucid dreaming and I fell in love with the concept of that. Just the fact that you can control your own dreams. So, as time went on I started thinking what could be a better name? At first I was thinking the name would be just Lucid, but it evolved into Stay Luzid, and I really liked how that sounded. What does it mean to me? Stay Luzid means that you stay in control of your life in order to make your dreams and goals. In order to make those dreams you have to be open to change and to make a change you have to be the change.

Any skaters out there that have inspired Stay Luzid?

I want to give a huge shout out to all the skaters that have been stoked on Stay Luzid. First off I want to say check out Andrew Wood. I love his style and enthusiasm. He is always out skating, and he is just a hard worker. Then another skater on the team, Ben Hunt. He is very humble and respectful. He does a bunch of cool no comply and foot plant tricks that are really unique. He‘s an entertaining skateboarder to watch. Then we have Nygle Ray on the team. Nygle is like the king of style. Spencer Day as well, who motivated me a lot to get the brand rocking from the start. We are hoping to add a few more people as we grow. This summer we are planning to do a skate trip to California. We are doing a road trip with the team that we’re going to film. We hope to get an edit onto Thrasher.

Well you will have to use Street-Kingpins to find all the spots along the way and post up shots so that we can tune-in with you guys on the road trip!

We absolutely will. We have already been planning the trip.

What is your outlook on Social Media?

Oh man. Social Media, man it’s like taking over the world. There are so many people that have become famous just over social media it’s insane. Like on Instagram you have these Instagram models and whatnot, and they’re just regular people that started posting pictures and made a name for themselves. Which is awesome, I think it’s cool and all. Then for skate scene it has definitely made a huge impact. Everyone is filming themselves and taking photos, trying to get noticed by other sponsors. Instagram has propelled the skate scene for sure. I’m really excited to work with Street-Kingpins because of that community. Skaters can just upload their media right to the app and a bunch of people from all around the world can see your skateboarding instantly. Which is amazing. That was not possible 15 years ago.

Yeah Social Media has definitely changed the game. For Street Kingpins, we hope to connect the skate scene and promote the under recognized skaters that are out there pushing it.

What products does Stay Luzid offer?

We are an action sports apparel brand. We do accessories for both men and women. There are T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. We are also going to have a line of skateboard decks this summer. Then we also have a motocross team. We have moto jerseys and pants for dirt-bikers.

Favorite memory of Stay Luzid?

We had our first team skate sesh just a few weeks ago. Everyone got to know each other and it was nice to see everyone get along. Spencer put together an edit of the session. Check the video above!

Street-Kingpins got to do a skate contest with Stay Luzid over Halloween, and then another one at CurbSide March 2nd. That was so much fun!

Yeah it was! The Curbside contest was the first contest Stay Luzid has ever hosted. It was a great turn out. We were stoked that you guys were part of the whole experience. This summer we will definitely be putting on more competitions and getting out there to skate with the community! Stay tuned with us on Street Kingpins app for any of our events coming up.

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Brett Buescher