Guilty By Association

More than a skate crew, more than a lifestyle, it’s a community on the grind. Guilty By Association, is all custom designed skate wear, and it is coming to your local skatepark. GBAx, is a brand on the move. The mobile GBAx Skate Shop truck, is hitting the streets this summer. Providing skateparks all along the route with skateboard contests and opportunity to earn exclusive skate gear. The mobile shop features select brands, and one of a kind GBAx skateboard gear. Featuring collaborations with lit brands across the skateboard industry. All original designs, keeping skaters looking fresh with new designs every month. Follow the mobile Skate Shop tour on Street Kingpins and get your own original skate gear at

We tracked down Andrew Sixberry and Laroi Wright with Guilty By Association to see what’s in store this year. 

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Here it is… We built this truck out as a mobile skateboard shop and we're going all around the U.S on tour all summer. So far we have a planned trip to Florida and Cali on two separate tours. Since we travel to skateparks and skate all day every day anyway, we decided, we may as well have the GBAx truck shop setup. GBA is a skateboard shop on the move. We operate a skateboard shop out of the GBA Suburban. At the same time we have exclusive products of our own that are available online and at every spot that we are able to skate on tour.  GBA is based on exclusivity. We are changing up designs every month. The next 3 months are already lined up and they are looking fresh. 


We want to keep it exclusive and supreme products, yet still be affordable and more accessible to skaters we encounter. All the homies can get it, you feel me! Little homie can get a custom shirt you know?

Really, we just want to be out getting it with the community, and live that as a brand. The skate community where we are from, is more like California than it is here in Colorado. There seems to be much more coverage down there. So we just want to build it up. We like to branch out and meet new homies, skate new places. Just to get out and to skate. To be out skateboarding with everyone and to be part of the community is everything we are about! Getting out there and getting shit done, ya know? Promoting a positive vibe to skaters. 


Huge positive vibe! It’s that CHARGE vibe. The vibe you get when you’re just on fire and you’re unstoppable in the park. That’s the vibe we want everyone to be feeling when they think of GBA. 

Where did you guys grow up skating? 


I was born in West Palm and my dad and older brother were avid skatebaorders so I’ve been on a board since I was born. But I grew up skating in Melbourne Beach and Satellite Beach, Florida 


I was actually born in the same hospital in West Palm but I lived and grew up skating  in Jupiter, Florida 

You guys met skating in Florida?


I met Andrew back in 07-08. My brother Zion and I were skating the amphitheater in Abacoa. Andrew, his brother, mom and dad were leaving a restaurant across the street from where Zion and I were hitting this 5 stair. Andrew and his brother Matt came outside and they were like, “Yo! These kids are ripping! Let’s hook these guys up with some GBA.”


Yeah, I saw you guys from the across the way and you guys were killing it on that 5 stair! Matt and I had just started GBA. I was like, “Matt go grab some product from the truck and let’s hook these kids up.” Zion was learning switch heelflips on flatground, and Laroi was doing a backside heelflip down the set. That set had this gate around it and it was super gnarly! 

Ever since then we have just been straight family friends. My mom and her boyfriend lived 2 blocks down from their dad. We just started hanging out and skated all the time. These two were the first riders on the team. We linked up and introduced each other to our friends. Laroi and Zion came up to Melbourne and did a competition with us at The Park in Melbourne. It’s been a ton of good times skating with them ever since. 

It is awesome how one act of being stoked on skateboarding brought you guys together. And you actually lived 2 blocks away!!!


Yeah he moved to Jupiter to stay with his mom in 2010 for a few months an we were literally a 2 min skate to each others houses, So we were skating and chillin all the time. 

Tell us about where GBA all started.


GBA has evolved so much over the years. I started in 2007 with only skateboards. My little brother and I loaded up my moms truck and we went on tour. I was only 16, didn’t even have a license yet. So my mom actually took us across country to do a skate trip. Went around to skateparks with backpacks of gear and we didn’t come back home until all the goods were sold. 


We like to keep that whole vibe of the backpacking hustle. Get in the car and make GBA into a mobile shop with exclusive gear that skaters want to rep. We want to inspire everybody we skate with that it’s not hard to get a hustle on. It’s not hard to get out and make something happen. We want to inspire the skate community that you can get out and get a hustle too. 


2012 GBA was on the backburner, as we all deal with life and coming of age. I got a job at JJs Screen Printing in satellite beach, Florida and since I was printing full time, my boss hooked me up with cheap prices if i did the work myself after hours. I paid our in-house artist to make some designs and that re-opened some doors for me to create new products. From there we sponsored 2 hip-hop artists, FJ Outlaw and Hollow Tips. I had a few collaboration designs made and we set up a booth at all their shows. I set up a stand and would basically sell out every time. It was cool but that’s not really the scene that I live for. I am a skateboarder, and I wanted to get back around the skate scene. That’s what ended up taking us out here. 

Skater:  Andrew Sixberry  | Photo:  Noah Bowman

Skater: Andrew Sixberry | Photo: Noah Bowman

Since our first tour in 2008, we’ve been on 4 more. We’ve skated parks in over 35 states. I have pulled up to a bunch of different skateparks and hopped out with a Megaphone. Yell out, “Who wants to win a free skateboard? Game of S.K.A.T.E. right here!” We like to roll up and bring the vibe up! Give out some stickers and a board and put it on! That’s how I see it though. I could either sit at home and pay for advertising to promote my company, or I could get out there in the street and give out some merchandise to get skaters stoked. People want to be part of it. I’d want to try my best to win some stuff.

If I see a kid working hard on a trick, I like to go up and ask;

“Hey man, have you ever landed that trick?”


Well if you land that right now I have a T-Shirt for you.” 

75% of the time that kid is throwing it down and landing the trick that time. I’ve seen it done, and that motivates the whole skate scene. It makes me happy as well because I helped push them to progress. 


You feel the hype. That’s what it is all about. Hyping the session. We are all about having a good time with everybody. Make sure everybody is out there having good times. No matter what, no matter where, we just want love, peace, just cool it. Everybody just of one unity type stuff. I look at skateboarding as a family type thing. You got a skateboard I’m your buddy. You can’t kickflip, ollie, whatever, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are out there riding that board and you’re progressing and being yourself, bro you family to me. That’s the whole thing. That is what GBA will always be. We are a family. If you see us out there at one of our pop up contests, you are family. 

We are going to be doing these contests with the truck all summer. I’m out there calling out tricks. You land a bigflip you’re going to be walking away in some fresh new shoes today! We want to embrace the hype and the positivity of what skateboarding actually is, and show that to the world. We are skateboarders. We ain’t just some criminals or pot heads, we are people, we are a community of people that actually does stuff. I want to portray that positivity to everybody that we are actually family. We are in this together. It’s no individual thing. There’s no I in team, there is no I in skateboard either. 

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What brings you out to Colorado? 


In Florida, it is just a different environment, Old people from the north come to retire and they complain about everything, especially skateboarders. We would get kicked out of everywhere. Cops called and most of the time arrested for some fake excuse. I came out to Colorado and I was hooked. 


Yeah dude! My first week here we skated this skate spot in front of an office building during working hours for over an hour. I had never had a street session like that. We can just sesh and not have to worry about getting kicked out of nearly as many places. We were asking our friends, “what’s the bust ratio?” They looked at us funny like, “what do you mean bust ratio?”


For sure, 

There was no better place for us to be than Colorado. That’s what brings us here to skate with you today!

Where can we find GBA? 

Our online store,,  will have the majority of our product line on it. The official online store dropped in May 2019!

We will be taking the GBA skate truck on tour all summer, that will carry one of a kind colorways and super exclusive products. Make sure to check in and meet up with us to skate! There will be all new designs coming out every month. If you are looking for unique design on some quality threads, hit us up and we can run you a custom order. Subscribe to us on Street-Kingpins and all the channels @GuiltyByAssociationX Find us online or at the skatepark. Just join us for a skate and be part of the family. 

Laroi, Andrew, it was awesome catching up with you guys! I’m about to go get myself some custom threads from the GBAx truck. We are looking forward to following the Guilty By Association X tour, and we are stoked to represent GBAx on down the road.

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 Now you can earn your own custom sponsored gear from Guilty By Association by skateboarding on

Street Kingpins! Let’s go skate!