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Street Credit is exactly what it sounds like. You all have Street Credit. You build up your Street Credit as a Skateboarder. Now you can actually cash your Street Credit in on the Street Kingpins skateboard app for sponsored skateboarding rewards. Join us on our Street Credit podcast as we talk it all out. There are no rules, there are no boundaries. THIS IS SKATEBOARDING! We are here to talk skateboarding. To give underground skateboarding the spotlight. More so, just a shout out to you, and to push another opportunity to


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Thank you to everyone that supports the skateboard movement!

Your host: Jonny Sale, Kyle O’Connor and the Street Kingpins Team.

Mutual Friends skate shop in Grand Junction, CO. special guest Josh Castaneta

Too many friends and skateboarders to mention to express how much you are all are part of this skateboarding movement. Thank you for helping promote skateboard talent around the world. Thank you for being part of Street Kingpins skateboarding community!


Brett Buescher